Advantage Of Montessori Education

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In recent years, Montessori Education draws renewed attention from people. One reason that has attracted the attention of people in Japan is that Souta Fujii, who became the youngest professional Shogi player the first in history this year was getting a Montessori education in his early childhood. Although Montessori education itself has drawn attention, people take particular note of the contributions of Montessori education as a means of establishing character building. In Japan, the policy of character building has been announced in the revision of kindergarten education guidelines in 2008. Today, interest in intellectual education for infants is rising and people are faced with the question of how to deepen and enrich children's learning. To solve this problem, I thought that Montessori education might be good method for early childhood. I would like to compare Montessori education which is practiced in two kindergartens in Nagoya city and discuss learner-centered education.

Montessori Method
Montessori education was established in Italy more than 100 years ago and is still practiced in many countries today. According to Maria Montessori, "A …show more content…

First of all, color water making for a 3-year-old, they put three color (red, blue and yellow) paper on water and playing with color water. Children would discover that purple can make by mixing red and blue, and learn about the three primary colors. Next, sandbox play for 4-year-old child, they discover by touching and looking at the properties of water, sand and mud. Moreover, when children trying to make something in the sandbox, they will be able to decide the role sharing by themselves. Finally, 5-year-old child worked on lease making made from sweet potato vines. By using the nuts and leaves of the natural things, children will become familiar with

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