Advantages And Disadvantages Of CIS

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Cover page Table of contents INTRODUCTION This paper focuses on closer look at market entry strategies to the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Globalization process leads to the increased level of affiliation and interdependence of the world. This phenomenon has resulted in companies to confront with new difficulties. These challenges occurred not only for large corporations, but as well for medium-sized ones. They were pushed to grow, to expand into new markets – to foreign ones. Most of the companies striving to enter the markets of post-Soviet Union countries experience strong barriers as absence of relevant experience, scarcity of managerial skills of local labor pool as well the levels of corruption. Yes, there…show more content…
Thus, different kinds of available market penetration strategies from the perspective of entering into the CIS countries, the advantages and disadvantages hereof are the main focus of this paper. The marketing strategies reviewed in this paper aim to provide the reader with analysis of the strategy overall and recommendation in regards of its implementation in the countries of the CIS. In importance, this paper aims and helps to understand the challenges to be faced by foreign companies going into the market of one or several of member states of the CIS, how these issues can be lowered by choosing the relevant entry mode. Considering that the member states have many common characteristics and elements, as well their roots come from the USSR and have several differences mostly in respect of culture, and that ideally entry into each of these countries shall be analyzed separately, I will analyze the topic mostly with approach of entering the Russian market, as it provides us with the largest territory in the world, therefore with the biggest consumer market among the CIS countries. The Commonwealth of Independent
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