Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ecommerce

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An information system is a system that can be manual or computerized. In information system, there has a computer-based information system which mean a single set of hardware, software, telecommunications, databases, people and procedures that are involve organizing activity to collect, manipulate, store and process a data into information. Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one of the types of computer-based information system. Electronic commerce involve all types of business activity and organizing of business activities such as selling, buying, distribution, marketing and servicing of the products or services in electronically via the computer networks. Besides that, electronic commerce also includes any business transaction
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It handles e-commerce real time shipping rate reclamation by operate third party shipping services. It can construct own permanent rate logic.
The fourth components of e-commerce are Product database. The products are being shown here for the customer to buy it over the network.
The fifth components of e-commerce are Payment processor. As usual, the payment also will be over the network for the company to get the profit and for the customer to pay their products that they had bought.
The next components of e-commerce are Admin interface. Admin interface is the organization interface that they want to organize and rearrange after some data after customer bought their product.
The last components of e-commerce are company or organizations. The company/organization need to be existing in order to work this business out. All of the components above are in need to complete the information system components that have input, processing, output and feedback. Input is the process to assemble and capture the raw data. Processing means adapt or convert data into functional outputs. As for the outputs, it will make it in the form of documents or reports and getting the feedback from the customer to make changes to the input or processing
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