Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tissue Microarray

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Tissue microarray
Tissue micro arrays (TMAs) was introduced by Kononen et al. in 1998 157. This technique is based on the assembly of separate tissue cores on a paraffin block, which may contain up to 1000 cores. TMA can be used for several purposes, in which the detection of protein is the most common. In this thesis, prognosis/outcome based arrays was applied to evaluate the prognostic value of various proliferation markers.

Several advantages and disadvantages are associated with TMA compared to the classic single sample microscope slide. Advantages associated with this technique include rapid and high-throughput validation of biomarkers, less reagent consumption, less expensive, decreased technical time, decreased assessment time, decreased variability of results, standardization and the possibility of digitizing and quantifying results 155,158-162. However, TMA is not better than the classic microscope slide in every are. Several disadvantages are also associated with this technique, including the preparation that requires more careful planning and high technical skills, sample selection is also critical due to …show more content…

In the first study, 581 patients were retrospectively analyzed and associations between numerous parameters and RFS were made 217. The study demonstrated that a mitotic index of 4 or more or the presence of three of the following four histological features: sheeting, prominent nuclei, hypercellularity and small cells were highly predictive of recurrence. Tumors presenting these criteria showed a significantly greater recurrence rate compared with other tumors. In the second study, the researchers demonstrated an association between survival and both anaplasia (defined as loss of meningothelial features) and an even higher mitotic index (20 or more) 216. Meningioma patients harboring one of these features had a significantly shorter

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