Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Marketing: People Like Videos

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Video marketing is something that businesses still often stay away from, putting them at a great disadvantage when compared to their competitors that do use this effective marketing strategy. With today’s technology, virtually anyone with any level of skill can create a professional and effective video for their company, products and services, something which is important in today’s marketplace.

1. People Like Videos

It’s been known for a long time now that people prefer video over reading tons of text. Why? Videos give you information in a quick, succinct package. Reading a ton of text on a computer screen is also quite a strain on the eyes and can be rather headache inducing, which will stop any potential customers from reading your sales copy. But apart from …show more content…

Smartphone Users Prefer Videos

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Smartphone users are a bit of a different breed from those who are sitting at home and browsing the internet with their PC or laptop. Smartphone users are on the go. They want information, and they want it FAST. As mentioned before, videos allow you to give people a quick message about a product, service, or your company, so smartphone users can easily gather the information that they need from your video.

Here’s another reason why you need to appeal to smartphone users: smartphone users are often using the internet on their phones to investigate a purchase. They can even be standing in your store and speaking to a sales representative about a product, but before they make a purchase, they will go onto the internet through their smartphone and do a further investigation on your product.

They’ll quickly look up your website, watch a video, and read reviews and testimonials, all within a span of 2-5 minutes, and then make a quick purchase – if they think that your company, product or service is worthy of their hard earned cash. There is no other better tool to convince a customer to buy into your product or service than a

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