Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Meeting

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Technology has become more related to many fields, and businesses, than ever before. Management is one of the areas which has benefited considerably from the technological progress. Virtual meetings and video conferencing software are models of useful technological methods to organise and manage meetings remotely. A virtual meeting is an administrative process using technical tools through which people in different regions of the world can meet at the same time as if they were in a real meeting. For example, the CEO of a global company can decide to meet the company 's branch managers anytime anywhere. Video conferencing was first used due to the renaissance of technology in the early 1980s. In 1995, the first software for commercial…show more content…
Therefore, there is not much wasted time. For example, if the leader of a company in the United States wanted to meet the director of the company’s branch in Australia regarding an urgent issue for the company, how long would it take the employee to meet the leader in the US, and how much would it cost to attend this meeting? Video conferencing technology could also be used in government areas, such as direct meetings between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its embassies around the world. President Obama used video conferencing in his office at the White House to contact the military leaders of the US in Iraq. Despite the sensitivity of the issue at that time, he benefited from this technology, of which the White House refused to divulge the system name, in the follow-up with the US army in a real meeting. (Biello, 2009). In brief, meeting remotely is important for companies that seek to improve the performance of their administrative work by facilitating the difficulties and obstacles of time and place beside saving travel costs. Another advantage of using virtual meetings is training remotely, which is convenient in terms of flexibility for company and employees. On the other words, 'Training is another costly human resource management process, yet it cannot be ignored as training improves workers’ capabilities on
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