Advantages And Limitations Of M-Commerce

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Abstract—M-commerce is a new dimension or extension of e-Commerce that is performed by mobile devices and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) using mobile network. As a great number of mobile users are increasing dramatically the prospect of M-commerce are also increasing day to day. There are a great prospects and challenges to expand the business in developing countries like Bangladesh. In this research I collected data’s from various stakeholders through web and phone call those are in top line of M-commerce business, studied and identified the problem and major barriers of M-commerce and suggested a methodological frame work. Here, I also tried to find out the statistical analysis of mobile users, internet uses; M-commerce worldwide and local. Research also has been done for no of visitors of stakeholder’s site using ranking tools and limitation of mobile commerce adoption in Bangladesh.…show more content…
In the present Business organizations, mobile commerce has been presented in account, administration, retail, and telecommunication and data innovation administrations. In these areas, M-Commerce is not just being broadly acknowledged additionally it is by and large more utilized as a well known method for business/commerce. In this paper I attempt to give an outline of the essentials about m-commerce present statistics and limitations. M-commerce is on a development track. It is increasing expanding acknowledgment amongst various areas of the general public. This development can be followed back to innovative and demographical advancements that have affected vital parts of the socio-social conduct in today's reality. The requirement for versatility is by all accounts an essential main impetus behind M-Commerce applications, for example, Mobile Banking, Mobile Entertainment and Mobile

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