Multimedia Research Paper

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4.1.1 Introduction Everything is cross-platform now. That's part of the reality that we live in - a multifaceted, multimedia world - and I'm delighted to be a part of that. -Robert J. Sawyer After the advent of technology and computers, lot of things around the world have changed. The way people communicated has undergone a remarkable change thanks to automation and machines. Mobile technology is another field which has revolutionized communication, information sharing and data retrieval. The world of management and business was of no exception for this influence. In order to give a proper branding and promotion for a successful business, it is customary for entrepreneurs to get a basic understanding of Multimedia technology and which strategies …show more content…

However, with the revolution of computers and automation speeding up, multimedia strategies are also undergoing lot of rapid changes and improvements. There are some key advantages to multimedia technology for advertising which are listed below: • Ease of retrieval: Print media is something which is not durable for longer periods of time. Unless properly documented, it can be lost in time or its quality might get compromised. But with digital technology and multimedia, the data can be stored quite intact and also be retrieved whenever needed. • Speed of Transfer: Working in multimedia increases speed of work because hundreds of copies can be easily generated with click of a mouse. In the earlier days, printing press and mechanical technology was effectively used for promotions. With the advent of digital printing and DTP, things have changed dramatically. • High Quality: Data generated with Multimedia is usually of high quality and the user can get creative in building ideas as per their mindset. The variety of options available to create an attractive flyer has become possible only due to

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