Advertisement Analysis : Slicing The Prices

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Slicing the Prices In a recent issue of Men’s health magazine, Gillette has posted an appealing advertisement. The advertisement Gillette has posted is for their price change in razors. The advertisement is a straightforward design with three razors on the left-hand side of the page, large text saying, “Get the shave you love for our lowest prices in years” on the top, and finally the company name on the right. The advertisement does not give a specific price. The promises of an insubstantial value in addition to the light humor makes this an effective advertisement that will remain in the subconscious of future consumers. As most readers of a magazine normally disregard the advertisements displayed, companies must find ways to convey …show more content…

After reading the bottom paragraph, the advertisement communicates “we’d prefer to tell you exactly how much” meaning Gillette could not provide the value of the product as the prices are dependent on location and market. A type of claim used by Gillette in this advertisement is an empty or unfinished claim. An example of an unfinished claim is “the best a man can get”. The core audience of Men’s health magazine is adult men, likely in college or above. The magazine provides information about health, fitness and men’s fashion. The audience of this magazine are likely belongers, and emulators. The target audience of this advertisement is known as sustainers, Belongers, and loosely the emulators. The sustainers have little disposable currency. They are known to impiously purchase cheaper products to save as much money as possible. They are likely to be a candidate to purchase the product because of the advertisement stating, “lowest prices in years”. They are also the most prominent customer at Walmart, which sells the Gillette brand. Walmart is one of the world’s largest markets which makes their customer base a likely target. A better candidate of this advertisement would be the belongers. Belongers are usually from the middle class who has more income to spend than the sustainers. Like the sustainer, they are likely going to

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