Advertisements On The Everyday American Consumer

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Advertisements has a huge influence on the everyday American consumer. The total amount of money spent on media advertising last year, 2015, was around one hundred and eighty-nine billion U.S. dollars. Mass corporations understand the power such ads could change the prospective of the consumer. It has been led to believe that the ads that are out for viewing main purpose is to change the way one views a topic or object. Advertisements are designed to follow the times, not led it. The main objective of ads released today are to get your attention and spark a conversation. The process of the over all advertisement is design to get your attention.

The history of the origins of advertisements are a bit tricky to tackle. But it is fairly easy to point out that the ‘60s were the years that the modern concept of advertisements were born. The television show, “Mad Men”, perfectly illustrated this idea that ads could transform society as a whole. If one were to open a magazine at the time, you would find the ads were straight-forward and mostly conservatives. There was little to no creativity in such ads before many agency began investing millions to their technique. The use of photography was become the preferred median, as ads began to be seen as art. David Ogilvy, who is considered “The Father of Advertising”, was a strong believer that that the ads should change with the times. "As a practitioner of advertising, I believe it is nothing more than a tool of salesmanship, which

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