Advertising - Can Observation Methods Be Used to Determine Consumer Preferences for Weather- Related Information If so, Which Observational Methods Would You Use Why

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1. Visit the Web site of The Weather Channel ( Write a report about the type of information available at this site.

2. Identify other potential sources of information about the weather.

3. Discuss the role of qualitative research in identifying consumer’s needs for weather-related information. Which qualitative research techniques should be used?

4. If a survey were to be conducted to determine consumer preferences for weather-related information, which interviewing method would you recommend? Why?

5. Can observation methods be used to determine …show more content…

Run two variables cross tabulations of preference with each independent variable. Run the following three-variable cross-tabulations: preference with count per box, controlling for price, preference with unisex, controlling for style, and preference with comfort, controlling for taping. Interpret these results for management.

3. Regression: Run a regression equation for brand preference that includes all independent variables in the model, and describe how meaningful the model is. Interpret the results for management.

4. One-way analysis of variance: Group all independent variables into low, medium and high groups as you did for cross-tabulations. Run a one-way analysis of variance on each independent variable with brand preference. Explain the results to management.

5. Discriminate analysis: Group brand preference into two relatively equal groups based on its distribution. Run discriminate analysis on the grouped data and interpret the results for management. Repeat this analysis by grouping brand preference into three relatively equal groups.

6. Factor analysis: Determine any underlying factors inherent in the data by running a factor analysis using principle components extraction with varimax rotation. Print all available statistics. Save the factor scores and regress these on brand preference.

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