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Target Audience When analyzing the target audience the first thing that came to mind was Mothers between the ages of 28-35. These would be the primary consumers for two of the three products located on the advertisement. This is the primary age range for moms to have babies and toddlers. These mothers are in the middle to upper class. They have a high education level. The thought behind this is that the nature of the product is a little more expensive due to its organic ingredients. The pouches shown are sold individually, making one think that they are a little more expensive, usually what you see out of the Dannon Oikos line. Proposition The proposition was a very lacking in this advertisement. It seemed like the Stonyfield was…show more content…
Proposition While I have no idea what was in the creative brief or what the actual phrasing of the strategy was, the tagline “unlock your heart” came to mind. The idea behind this is that these women have been in relationships for a while. One of the many advantages of advertising in Cosmopolitan is the nature of their content. Women who buy Cosmo are adventurous and some are looking to spice things up. Some relationships become stagnant in the time between the initial feelings of joy and the proposal. This proposition is attempting at connecting the desire of a deeper more meaningful relationship with the idea of marriage, or at least engagement. I think it accomplishes that aspect in a manner that is simple and to the point while retaining the grace and elegance of the rings. Way the Campaign Should Work This campaign uses emotion appeals as well as discriminating arguments to try to convince their audience. The emotional appeal comes from the idea behind the proposition. It pulls on those inner desires of women to find a husband or take the next step with their significant other. The discrimination argument comes with the placement of the rings on the lock. Each one is place in a manner that the name Tacori is shown on each one. This subtle thing implies the fact that is only Tacori that can match this desire for them. These two points really convey the point on the King Continuum of relating to own wants and needs. The purpose of this advertisement is not to

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