Advertising Guitars with Suicide and Sex

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Ads are made to grab a certain audience and make that audience relate to the specific ad or make them want to go out and purchase the product that is being promoted. Many ads are trying to sell specific items; but if a person really analyses the ad, the company is selling or promoting more than one item.
In this ad the company Gibson is promoting a specific guitar to be sold. In the ad there is a six-string, electric guitar standing up with the wording, “If this doesn’t get you laid you should just commit suicide.” In the lower right hand corner of the ad, the company’s name Gibson is printed. This six-string guitar is popular for beginning music artists. In this ad the company Gibson is using pathos, ethos, and logos to get the audience’s attention. The Gibson guitar ad explicitly sells guitars, but it implicitly sells sex and suicide.
Gibson guitars are directing this ad to older teenage and young male adults. The audience is young enough that they are still debating on what career path that they want to go down. To some of this audience, this ad would grab their attention by thinking this guitar should get them laid. This aspect would be directed mainly towards young males. Also, some guitars give the sexy and spontaneous impression, which in a young male’s eyes, is a perfect career. The ad is also saying that if a person doesn’t get laid because of a guitar, they should just kill themselves. By analyzing the statement and ad picture, music involves sex and

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