Affirmative Action in Universities

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Affirmative Action in University Admissions All across America, universities have been denying highly qualified applicants to accept minorities who are usually less qualified. These admissions processes misuse the basic principle of affirmative action. Affirmative action is a mandate that says that minorities should be given special opportunities. In 1952, when President D.W. Eisenhower was in office, he decided to let the states decide whether or not to use affirmative action (Affirmative Action). Eleven years later, when John F. Kennedy was president, he made it mandatory for all government funded organizations to enforce affirmative action. In theory Kennedy’s mandate also applies to all public universities even though it was not directly stated. A study taken in 2009 by Princeton sociologists shows that of the students with a 3.2-3.39 GPA applied to medical school, “Asian Americans had an acceptance rate of 7.7%, while African Americans had a 67.3% acceptance rate” (Espenshade, Radford). While this supports minorities, 1st and 2nd generation Asian Americans are often left with the worst disadvantage. This clearly shows that Kennedy’s mandate is too strong to regulate the nation’s education system. The best way to enforce affirmative action is to set new guidelines that are more fair and equitable for all and to charge a large fee for universities caught infringing upon it. This will not only solve the discrimination in the admissions process, but also

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