African Americans and the Civil War

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December 15th 2013 AP US History Unit 7 Essay African Americans and the Civil War Slavery affected many of the political reasons that contributed to causing the Civil War in 1961. Most in the Northern states including President Lincoln were more concerned with preserving the Union rather than fighting for the freedom of all. On the other hand the South fought to preserve what they believed to be absolute state rights. However the overall goals of the war were altered significantly by the willingness of African Americans during war. This also later contributed to the new culture and politics that followed. There was always a constant controversy with the issue of fugitive slaves throughout the time of the Civil War. Major Butler…show more content…
In the beginning, the concern of popular sovereignty in new territories and the reformation of the United States was a very important issue; however, now the government was faced with different issues involving the South. It was said by the Republican Party that the thirteenth amendment was expected and essential but if the African Americans had not been so persistent, this would not have been the case. Also the addition of the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments further more angered the Southern people (Doc H). This resulted in the majority of Johnson’s presidency to be focused on Reconstruction. Black’s participation and involvement in the constitutional conventions showed their endless support to the Reconstruction (Doc J). Even though grandfather clauses and poll taxes would soon cut the blacks off from their involvement, they were able to gain full citizenship and suffrage. These particular triumphs would have been impossible if they had not altered the outcome of the war. Not only were African Americans majorly involved in political issues, but they were also very major contributors to social changes in the years that followed the Civil War as well. Many blacks disregarded Southern discouragement and many joined colored regiments or found jobs of their own (Doc F). It was alarming to most Southerners, but after the war African Americans started attending school and the once
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