Aging Is Defined As The Process Of Aging

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Aging John Pickett Mind, Brain, and Intelligence Aging Aging is defined as the process of growing old but there are many different things that take place during the process of ageing that help define what aging truly is. We will explore the steps and stages of aging from birth to the end of life. Erikson’s stages of adult development gives a timeline of physical and mental aging in which the ability to resolve crisis plays a huge role in successful development over the life span. The trust vs. mistrust stage takes place from birth to 12 months when an infant learns to trust the person who is caring for them. If rejection takes place during this stage the infant may believe that all people are not unreliable and have problems with trusting throughout the stages that follow the trust and mistrust stage. However if the infant feels secure the parent or caregiver has laid a great foundation that carries over throughout the stages that follow the trust and mistrust stage. As we age this very foundation may become key in how we handle relationships throughout the duration of our lives. (Hill, 2005, p. 25) The autonomy vs. shame and doubt stage is from about 2 to 3 years old when we feel the need to become independent through simple tasks such as dressing and feeding ourselves. Many first time parents delay the need for independence for their children at this age for fear of them hurting themselves and the child may develop self-doubt. Self-doubt
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