Alaska Airlines : Financial Performance And Capabilities

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Currently, Alaska Airlines ranks among the major U.S. Airlines in terms of financial performance and capabilities. The airline itself has grown from a small regional air carrier to a large passenger airline with a considerable cargo business. The culmination of years of emphasizing the customer service and generating loyalty has manifested itself through Alaska Airlines documented profitability. The success of the airline also comes on its dedication to safety, a fact backed by the FAA’s Diamond Award, which recognized Alaska’s excellent maintenance and training programs. Additionally, Alaska has been recognized for its customer service, a fact that emerged early in the airlines history as the airline offered, and still offers, a means of travel for passengers and cargo in the harsh Alaskan terrain. This along with the largest cargo operation of any U.S. airline are driving factors behind the success of Alaska Airlines. All these factors have allowed Alaska Airlines to rise and remain financially stable. The airline is one of few that weathered the 2000s financial crisis well, and avoided mergers when so many others have been forced into such actions. This report will analyze these factors and related them to Alaska’s current financial performance. It will then make recommendations to maintain profitability, and predict future airline status.
Current Financial Performance Financially speaking, Alaska has maintained steady growth in revenues. The annual total revenue has

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