Alcohol And Substance Abuse ( Public Health England, 2016 ) Essay

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In the year 2015-2016, 288,843 people undertook treatment for alcohol and substance abuse (Public Health England, 2016). The therapies that they received in their treatment are based upon well-evidenced theories including those that focus upon biological, learning and cognitive explanations in relation to addiction in an attempt to reduce desires and cravings for substances. Reber and Reber (2001) define addiction as "any psychological or physiological overdependence of an organism on a drug" (p.11). In order to develop useful therapies, these theories and their worth must be evaluated and the contribution each aspect contributes to developing a therapy. There is evidence that all of the above aspects of addiction are useful and needed in therapy, and it is concluded that despite some evidence of each explanation having good efficacy in therapy options, all factors should be considered in therapy to provide the best, most useful therapy for addiction.
More specifically than addiction, this essay assumes that addicts are those with Substance Use Disorders which can differ in severity, as outlined by The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5th Edition (DSM-V) (Compton, Dawson, Goldstein & Grant, 2013). Hearon, McHugh and Otto (2010) define Substance Use Disorder as the dysfunctional recurrent use of psychoactive substances that is associated with significant disability and distress. Whilst current research suggests that it is not only substances that a person can be addicted to

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