Essay on All Children Deserve an Education

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Diversity has become a critical part of the philosophy I have developed as an aspiring educator. Through various experiences in my life, I can appreciate how different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds can positively impact the educational experience of each student. Diversity in my opinion incorporates poverty, race, and equality for the ultimate goal of long term success in a student’s life. Regardless of race, socioeconomic status, and gender, each child should receive an opportunity to succeed and reach their potential. At my experience with Special Olympics floor hockey, all of the volunteers and coaches were exceptional in providing a quality environment for the participants. I was intrigued when I first arrived at St. Mary’s …show more content…

I spent time with a 3rd grade class for an entire semester. I felt a unique bond with all of the children in this class because I learned as much from them as they learned from me. This was a class who spoke spanish very well, and taught me some of the language. I learned about some of their cultures and traditions in the Spanish speaking world. They told me about a time when they travelled as a class to Costa Rica and all of the enjoyable activities they had while they were there. I also connected well with them in the Physical Education setting as they only received formal physical education once a week. I thought this fact was appalling, and I provided activities both indoors and outdoors. Since they were not used to moving very much during the day, their energy level was unmatched. In conclusion, this broadened my horizons and taught me that the educational process in multicultural education is about the relationships you can create with a child.
Diversity in the United States over the past twenty years has been a challenge for the federal government to pinpoint the racial trends in poverty. “An examination of the percentages from the children currently identified in groups of poverty showed that 14% of whites, 33% of blacks, 29% of Hispanics, 10% of Asians, and 17% of all children under the age of 18 live in poverty” (Bureau, 2006). This provides inconclusive evidence that one specific race is to target for poverty in children. David Cotter inferred that “since

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