Allen High School Sinfonia Orchestra

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On Thursday, February 25th, the Allen High School Sinfonia orchestra performed a variety of fascinating pieces. The orchestras began the concert with “Concertino” by John Cacavas. The next piece that the orchestras performed was “Prelude for String Orchestra” by Gerald Finzi. The last piece that the Allen High School Sinfonia performed was “Allegro from Sinfonia No. 6 in G minor” by Johann Christian Bach.
In the first piece Concertino, John Cacavas starts the piece in the key of D major with a catchy intro that leads smoothly into the rest of the piece. The violins and violas have the melody while the cellos and basses have a very short and lifted part. The musicians do an outstanding job of keeping the staccato light and not adding any unnecessary weight to the note. The higher strings are covered up by the lower strings, the ensemble needs to work slightly on their balance to one another. The bass and cello have a very dark and almost brooding tone that sharply contrasts the brighter, more powerful tone of the high strings. The articulation and intonation were very clear, making the piece very musical. The cello soloist played very well; however, the higher strings dominated the soloist’s volume making it harder to hear the actual solo. All instruments return to using a full bow with violins …show more content…

The violins played very softly giving this piece a quiet melody. The soloists in this piece did a very good job with a great use of vibrato and great articulation. The second violins didn’t start together at one point in the song, but overall they did an excellent job flowing with the overall orchestra providing the ensemble with beautiful harmony. The articulation and intonation was precise adjusting to the F minor key and overall providing the piece with a Romantic era

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