Alphabet Lotto Research Paper

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Communication is the process by which information is transmitted between two or more individuals. “A communication disorder is an impairment in the ability to receive, send, process and comprehend concepts or verbal, nonverbal ad graphic symbol systems” (American Speech _ Language _ Hearing Associates, 1993). There are many activities used to help children with a communication disorder. The two types of activities or intervention support I would like to use for a child who has communication disorder are Alphabet Lotto and “Site Word Bingo” The Alphabet Lotto is an activity for children with speaking and listening communication disorder, to gain basic knowledge if the alphabets. “Children with communication disorders may speak only when absolutely…show more content…
This activity facilitate the development of letter memory or letter sounds by making two sets of the ‘lotto” call cards and playing. It is live Bingo cards with phonemes rather than numbers. Using a regular bingo game format, play the game and ask children to identify the phonemes (speech sounds) as you call out them. As you move to more difficult phenomes and phenome blends, pair the children so they can work together. Children can put a marker on the phoneme for each sound as it is called out. They can continue play until most of them have completed several rows playing this game allows children to “focus allows on learning words and vocabulary” (Diener, 2013, p.271). Sight word Bingo game helps to learn or new words, and improves [phonological awareness, to increase knowledge of the structure of…show more content…
A child with communication disorder can interact with a small group, while playing sight word bingo activity is a universal game, and can be helpful for all learners at different reading levels. Therefore, each child gets the opportunity to read new words. Alphabet lotto is also a universal activity, especially, in kindergarten classroom and I will use this activity for all learners. As an EA, I will give children many hands _ on _ experiences, so they have something to talk about. I will be a good speech model. As an EA, I will encourage and support children when they talk by listening and responding. I will ask children open _ ended question, to expand and extend their speech. Learning takes through the process of communication. So, I will participate efficiently in activities like bingo and alphabetical play for progressing cognitive development, social interaction over all
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