Amazon Descriptive Essay

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A deep, dark blue river, lush green plants full of monkeys and birds. Warm air blowing on my face, the smell of cool and refreshing, but fishy, water. The breathtaking beauty of the Amazon. On a large cargo ship, though a cruise in the Amazon, we (me and my family) float down the river. The original blue paint is wearing off. It stops at large villages to load and unload, but boats from small villages have to pull up against the moving ship. Pink, freshwater, dolphins live in this large river (the largest river in the world). There are mostly blind and aren't always all pink.They don’t show much of their bodies when the surface, but just enough to see their distinctive pink color and small dorsal fin. On the cargo ship, I had seen pink dolphins, even though I had seen them before, it probably was the coolest part of the cargo ship expedition.

We start out in Iquitos (the biggest city you can’t drive to) and began to slowly wind our way up the Amazonian river. There is plenty to see, but eventually, it is the same. We have hammocks, but we also have a cabin to spend the nights in. Sometimes my brother and I run around the ship like all the other native kids do. Other times we are stuck under the roof in our hammocks, reading, because of the rain. Though the sunsets are always beautiful. One day we stop at a large town and it takes forever to load and unload the ship. I am at the back of the ship, listening to people yelling Spanish words I don’t know. I am

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