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Case Analysis
September 20, 2013
IS 6672-Information System and Business Strategy
Dr. Ryan-Fall 2013

1-2 Amazon Discussion Questions

1. On a scale of “1” (Very Poor) to “5” (Excellent), how would you rate Jeff Bezos as an entrepreneur? How would you rate him as an operating manager? Support your rating from case specifics.

I would rate Jeff Bezos 10 as an entrepreneur, and 7 as an operating manager.

On one hand, he identified book retailing as an industry segment that could exploit the power of emerging Internet technologies and found the, which enjoyed several years of tremendous growth, from an online bookstore into an online superstore, expanding the online business from retailing to auctions and …show more content…

Stage III: Amazon created for itself a unique asset base comprising of its brand, customer relationships, the technical and fulfillment infrastructure, and leveraged it to create for itself a capability that could not be easily imitated by its competitors (online and traditional) or new entrants.

Stage IV: Using IT to create sustainable advantage: Amazon’s digital business infrastructure, which linked its customer facing processes to its backend processes, helped it create a sustainable advantage for itself which served as an entry barriers for competition. The IT enabled commerce platform that Amazon built for itself is the key to its success.

The value it delivered to all shareholders is its brand, customer relationships, technology, infrastructure, financial strength, people, and leadership in the dot com industry

At the heart of Amazon's value proposition is the fact that it leveraged its existing IT system and transformed it into a commerce platform, and this allowed Amazon to pursue new IT enabled strategic growth initiatives. In this process Amazon created value for all its stakeholders.

Customers: Amazon’s sophisticated browsing experience with enhanced search capabilities, wish list, recommendations, shopping carts, one click shopping, personalized consumers shopping experience.

Industry: Amazon’s business concept not only helped Amazon grow, rather it developed a value network for all the industry

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