American Animal Abuse

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Three out of five households in America own a pet. Now imagine one of those poor little puppies or kittens getting beaten, malnourished, or even getting trained to fight. Animal abuse is a serious crime. Regardless if it is a domestic animal or not, it should get treated like one. Animal abuse occurs everywhere and people do it because they are not scared of the punishment for doing it. Studies have shown that people that abuse animals are more likely to harm or kill people. Something should be done about this serious issue in society. In order to reduce the amount of animal abuse, law makers should increase punishments for abusing animals.
The major problem is animal abuse, and it happens in many different forms. The most popular forms are
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That is exactly what Tibor R. Machan thinks. He states, “Could animals have guilt, be blamed, feel regret and remorse, or apologize, or anything on that order? No, and why so, that was the gist of my theory: They are not moral agents like us, not even the great apes “ (Miller 62). Mr. Machan is stating that the human race is superior. Rights are designed for humans and nothing else. The view that Mr. Machan has is one that has animals as resources. Miller says “ The fundamental wrong is the system that allows us to view animals as our resources, here for us- to be surgically manipulated, or exploited for sport or money” (Miller 32). People need to learn how to fight the system. Animals are not here for us to experiment on, or use as entertainment that puts their lives at risk. They deserve rights, this is why the system needs to be fixed, and PAWS can do that. Miller admits, that animals lack many of the abilities that we posses. But why should that change anything , Miller says “ Animals cannot read, do higher mathematics, build a bookcase, or make baba ghanoush. Neither can many humans, and yet we don’t say that these humans therefore have less inherent value, or have less of a right to be treated with respect” (Miller 33). Animals cannot do any of the things that Miller said, but neither can a lot of people. Yet these people still have the rights that the doctors, or professors have. So why shouldn’t animals get these right too, and that is where PAWS comes into play. It will grant those animals the rights that they deserve. McDonald, from The Florida Bar Journal, when asked what she thought about animal abuse said this, “Animal cruelty, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and hoarding, whether designated as felony or misdemeanor crime or civilly prosecuted after confiscation, affect society “ (McDonald 31). These crimes need to stop, one action can plant a root to a
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