American History : American Gun Culture

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Furthermore, American gun culture begins since the earliest days of the country which often referring to a key component of the American mythic tradition. However, in the America’s beginnings, it was ubiquitous in colonial and early federal life than popular impressions and mythology suggest. As a practical matter, most of the firearms in civilian hand were guns suited to farming use. Such as killing small game and nuisance animals. Moreover, early guns were expensive, cumbersome, difficult and even dangerous to operate, and made from materials that deteriorated rapidly even with regular maintenance. As American society evolved, becoming more urban and more developed, the necessity for and practice of hunting declined. The second tradition is that the militia/frontier ethos, has more direct political antecedents and consequences. Early Americans had to rely on their weapons to protect themselves from hostile Native Americans and foreign armies (page 9-10, Spitzer). With deep-seated problem, prohibiting or limiting guns is arguable but necessary. Innocent people are dying because of guns, the early the society regular it, the less people will be hurt.
To respect the tragedies, it suggests that institutions should not only educate students, but also make them safe in physically and psychologically. It is necessary to do some sort of reform, such as intensive testing that focused on externally imposed standards and send the message of coercion and control to contribute the…
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