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The American Red Cross xxxxxxxxxx BCOM/230 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx The American Red Cross is one of the world well-known humanitarian organizations. I will describe the organization culture, uses of communication, relationship between communication and culture, and the alignment of values. The American Red Cross was created by Clara Barton in 1881. The American Red Cross organizational culture is based on providing assistance around the world to a variety of humanitarian relief causes within the United States. The company thrives through commitment from volunteers. The common factor that volunteers from The Red Cross share is the need to give back to their communities and the world by donating time and effort to others in need. “We…show more content…
The mission statement, vision, and fundamental principles are directly related to how the organization communication to the public. Though the statements have updated over the years; the basic meaning remains unchanged. The American Red Cross, through its strong network of volunteers, donors, and partners, is always there in times of need (The American Red Cross, 2013). The company certainly focuses it communication along the same lines as it culture. This is to assist people in need through education, readiness, and disaster relief around the world. The American Red Cross developed an ethics handbook to guide employees and volunteers to remain in line with the espoused values of the company. However, the organization is broken down into many local chapters with leadership that may not all remain on course with companies’ values. For example: there have been many allegations of fraud, misappropriate of funds, and unfair labor practices within local chapters. According, to an article written by Knake (2011) The Red Cross was found guilty by a federal judge of several unfair labor practice charges in 2011 in Michigan. It is said that the company has paid out more than $35 million in fines to the FDA and has refused to bargain on a national level for a new contract since 2009. Based on my interpretation of the article, it appears that the leadership within areas of the Red Cross is trying to guilt the leadership

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