American Schools

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American Schools in Crisis American schools have a big problem on their hands and that would be keeping kids in the classroom. Year after year students are failing to graduate and deciding to drop out of school. The reasons for this are far and in-between, but actions need to be taken so that this no longer happens. Staying in school is the only way to success unless you are extremely lucky. Higher levels of education can only help you in your future. As little fun as school is students need to fight their way through because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That shining light is a bright future with success in anything you want. The dropout rates over the years have seen little or no movement in numbers. Students are…show more content…
Even though these are harder situations there can still be action taken. Such action could be implementing learning programs in these schools. For example, in these schools they can have special programs for underachieving students. They can have classes dedicated to just students that have difficulty learning. In these classes they would have teachers that work at a slower pace so that they all can understand. They can also have AP classes to help students earn some credits for college. Also another big problem in these types of schools is attendance. Many kids would much rather stay home or on the streets getting into trouble. But if they reward these students for attending class much more of them would decide to come to, school. Even if they are only getting a few points here and there, they would show up. The goal of teachers should be to help students pass and want to come to school not just barely squeeze. Making changes in these lower level high schools will help the improvement of these very poor graduation rates. Another thing to help students graduate is to balance out the schools systems. These days there are high schools that only accept well educated students. There is no problem in this; however they should not accept students so easily. If all the smart students attend these private schools then all of the less smart kids will be forced to attend worse institutions. Granted, not all smart students can afford to attend these private
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