Amusing Ourselves For Death : Public Discourse On The Age Of Show Business, By Neil Postman

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In Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, Neil Postman familiarizes his readers to his main objective for his argument right away. His strategies to convince his readers of his claim are extraordinarily well and get across to the readers easily. Postman proposes that the public, without recognizing it, is losing its “autonomy, maturity, and history”. His thesis is that television is changing the way people interact by putting all public rhetoric into on-screen entertainment. He suggests that risks are high if the public does not notice television changing the publics view and that we need to try and regain control over it. First, Postman’s anger towards the way news is televised under the media-metaphor is presented in his first chapter, The Medium Is the Metaphor. He introduces the basic concept of news in the Age of Show Business. The author states, “This idea - that there is a content called “the news of the day” - was entirely created by the telegraph (and since amplified by newer media), which made it possible to move decontextualized information over vast spaces at incredible speed.”(8), saying that “the news of the day” is information given to the public that does not immediately affect the watcher’s life, but instead has little practical value. It exists only in a world associated with media, “The news of the day is a figment of our technological imagination.”(8), such as the telegraph or television. He suggests that the news and
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