An Aging Woman Short Story

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The Story of an Aging Woman Aging is a natural process that cannot be slowed down, reversed or stopped. Therefore, many people are undergoing the process and have learned various ways of coping with the fact that they are aging as it has its associated challenges and difficulties. For instance, some people lose strength as well as their sight as they age, which makes them needy as well as it negatively influences their level of enthusiasm. In order to understand fully what older adults experience with regards to the natural process of aging, it is more imperative to hear it from a person who is well undergoing the process. This is because they can share first-hand experiences that will enable a better and comprehensive understanding of what older adults' experience, and how they feel about the whole idea of aging. Therefore, this paper aims at describing the story of an older adult's experience and thoughts on aging based on an interview with the older person. Some of the areas of discussion necessary for developing the story include lifestyle changes as well as their resulting health changes, changes in mental state, financial security, family life, thoughts on available support systems such as Medicare and social security as well as thoughts on being older. In a bid to protect and ensure the interviewee's privacy I will use a fictitious name Lorry, to refer to the respondent. On May 14, 1941, Lorry was born to Tom and Catherine Smith and was the youngest of two

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