An American Legend Lost

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An American Legend Lost From presidency, to a traumatic death, Abraham Lincoln lived a fascinating life. The sixteenth American president helped in the preservation of American freedoms, bringing an end to slavery. From The Emancipation Proclamation to the development of the secret service, Abraham Lincoln set an example for the future leadership of America. As the Civil War began in April 1861, a detective named Allan Pinkerton gave assistance to Abraham Lincoln. The president requested his presence immediately to Washington, once arriving Pinkerton suggested the creation of the secret service department.1 At least half a dozen assassination attempts had been made on the president, before one became successful.1 Long before these incidents, Pinkerton exposed an assassination attempt. Pinkerton and associates penetrated the secessionist movement around Baltimore in February of the year 1861.1 During this intervention a plot to assassinate the president while changing trains, had been discovered.1 The previous governor of New York, William H. Seward and the Army general, Winfield Scott revealed rumors of an assassination plot on the president, as well.1 A petition had been made to the New York City Police Commissioner John A. Kennedy, to investigate the rumors validity.1 In Maryland the secessionist movement had been discovered by the New York police detectives.1 This abruptly ended the assassination the secessionist movement planned for February 23.1 The New York police

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