An Analysis Of Sir Charlie 's Character With Respect

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The essay is to critically evaluate the following variables in the context of two interviews of the Chairman of John Lewis.
Analysis of Sir Charlie’s character with respect to the six styles of leadership
The KPIs utilized to analyze the organization’s annual performance The evaluation of the Organization with respect to CSR
The cultural framework and its significance with respect to competitive edge over potential competitors
The analysis of the variables resulted in the following key findings; a) the democratic personality of the chairman runs throughout the organizational structure. The partnership culture provides a voice to the employees that are dealt by the governed by the board with compassion.
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Democratic leaders move the group toward its goals while the autocratic leaders move the group towards their goals. It has faith in imparting obligation, supports innovative thinking as there is flexibility for the representatives, and it minimizes hierarchical governmental issues and erosion among the individuals. Basically, fair authority grasps free talks and considerations to help plan choices inside associations. It puts stock in regarding others ' perspectives and suppositions. It serves to advance the free stream of thoughts so as to pick the best one (Rao, 2015). Utilizing the above perspectives the interviews would be analyzed to consolidate the context of the model that have been chosen to assess the leadership style of Sir Charlie Mayfield.
According to Simpson (2012),
“democratic leadership Involves a team guided by a leader where all individuals are involved in the decision-making process to determine what needs to be done and how it should be done. The group 's leader has the authority to make the final decision of the group.”
The interview on with the ConsumerCurrents (2012), is based upon the theme of partnership and related to the trait of democratic organizational structure that are becoming popular in achieving success in business (Christensen, 2010). The main them of the interview can be highlighted by the tagline given at the start of the interview that read, “Leading an employee-owned retail giant isn’t a

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