Philosophy Of Education Research Paper

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Is there an ideal educational model and how do education students shift through the wealth of knowledge presented and form their own priorities in which to use to shape our future students? All of the educational philosophical insights are stepping stones to examine mindfully and ponder what we will hold as values as teachers. As a future educator, I am strongly convicted to want to focus on each individual student and help him or her to reach his or her full potential both as a student and as a member of society. The overview of the different educational philosophies was eye opening to me. The one I disagreed most with was Neo-Marxism. The potential for this ideology is to completely control and dictate the curriculum to promote the …show more content…

I like the concept that Greene formulated of being “wide-awake”. We need leaders today, who are not afraid to be mentors and show compassion. Most of the different educational philosophies have aspects positive aspects that I can implement inside my future classroom one day. Plato believed in discovering truth and the power of individual ideas (181). His Idealism philosophy placed great value in asking questions and searching the mind of his students through discussions. Modern classrooms should promote an environment in which students are actively engaged in discussing topics. It also encourages children to share their opinions with others and promotes a sense of community and acceptance inside the classroom. Modern classrooms should always reflect modern idealists in the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Another important philosophy that should be considered is modern realism. Modern realism focuses on the core curriculum. Teacher need a sound foundation the core academic subjects to instruct students how to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. In modern realism, lectures are a means of instruction. (185). In my future classroom, I plan to incorporate a mixture of lectures, open discussions, group time, game time, and lessons that promote creativity. Lectures are an important part of the puzzle needed in keeping the

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