An Interview With The Bank Of Mongolia Essay

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I. Introduction
The Bank of Mongolia piqued my interest to explore about career opportunities as it serves as the Central Bank of the country. It ensures the stability of Mongolian national currency and promotes balanced and sustained development of the national economy by maintaining the stability of money, financial markets, and the banking system.
For this paper, I interviewed an HR representative, Ms. Erdenetuya, who works at the General Management department of the Bank of Mongolia. As a result of a geographic barrier, the interview was done via Skype. In addition, the interview was originally done in Mongolian that I had to translate into English. In the Bank of Mongolia, the General Management department is responsible for the human resource strategy of the organization. The reason I chose to conduct an interview with Ms. Erdenetuya. was my particular interest of exploring career opportunities in the banking industry as well as the interviewee’s many years of work experience and broad knowledge about the overall organization, including human resource strategy in the Bank of Mongolia.
II. Questions
Q1: Why did you choose to work at the Bank of Mongolia?
Answer: First of all, I finished my undergraduate degree in economics at Moscow School of Economics in Russia. Thus, I have always been specifically interested in working in the banking industry. This prompted me to apply to the Bank of Mongolia and I had been offered an entry-level position at first. However,

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