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“A Difficult Hiring Decision at Center Bank”

The regional vice president has currently resigned at Central Bank in Toronto and they need another person who will be just as effective and productive as he was. Three potential candidates have been short-listed. One candidate being selected internally, the other two externally. All three candidates are highly potential for the position, making it a difficult decision for human resource management to select the right one. The expertise and credentials of each candidate are evaluated throughout the paper, to help ensure that the right decision is made.
All three candidates need to be easily adaptable and flexible as the former VP was highly liked by all the
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Charlotte Webb does not have a lot of front-line interaction experience. She has hired many professional staff, but has never exited anyone. Her roles have clearly influenced the direction of the business, which goes to show her importance in the company and how much of an impact she has.
Scott Warren has been suspected of intellectual arrogance, along with being a tad condescending around Regional Bank’s “superiority”, this could lead to potential problems with coworkers, and eliminate trustworthy relationships. Warren made it difficult to understand what he had personally accomplished in Australia, and was unclear when he was asked for details.
James Skinner is capable of meeting immediate business “value” needs; he may be a less capable candidate because the big picture is just, if not more important. His ability to adapt to change was questionable, which is crucial in any organization. Human Resource management was unsure about Skinner committing to leave his current job at Northern Bank, which is a tremendous risk the company would have to take if selecting Skinner.
In my opinion, Charlotte Webb would be the best source for the position. Already currently working for the company is a huge benefit, as it enhances employee morale and loyalty, provides an easier assessment by already knowing the employee, and is cheaper then hiring externally. Charlotte was viewed as one of Central banks highest potential level 10s, who
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