An Interview with a Sixth Grade Student Essay

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An Interview with a Sixth Grade Student

Bringing up the topic of conducting a case study to my cooperating teacher was a surprising experience. I remember asking my teacher to recommend a “difficult” student that would provide an interesting interview. My teacher quickly responded, “Why do your professors always want a difficult student? Sometimes good students provide the most interesting interviews.” I thought about his response and the next day asked him if I could interview Antonio, a student who had intrigued me from the first day I entered Dunn Middle School. Antonio caught my attention because based on his appearance and demeanor in class, one would assume Antonio was a poor student who could not care less about …show more content…

To start, when I approached Antonio and asked him if he would be comfortable with me interviewing, he said no. He looked terrified and said he did not want to be interviewed. I asked my cooperating teacher what I should do and he called Antonio over to his desk and told him I would not hurt him and that he should let me interview him. Antonio begrudgingly agreed and we went next door to the copy room to begin our interview. Before the interview even began I was shocked by Antonio’s behavior, I wondered if I had done something to make him think I would harm him. Furthermore, I considered the possibility that something had happened to Antonio to cause him to be afraid to be alone with me or for me to ask him questions. However, I put all my doubts, assumptions, and suspicions of Antonio aside and began our interview.

Although Antonio had hesitated about being interviewed by me, once we were out the classroom and I sat down at his level, he appeared to be more comfortable. I started the interview with questions pertaining to my cooperating teacher and the other students in the classroom. Antonio explained to me that he liked my cooperating teacher because he makes “hard things fun, like with the factor game.” Additionally, when asked about the talkative students, Antonio explained that he

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