An Stressful Day At Work

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Have you ever had an extremely stressful day at work? How did that change your attitude to other people throughout the rest of your day? How did your partner react to those same stressors that occurred throughout their day? This questions are what Conger, Lorenz, Elder, Simons, and Ge (1993) researched and studied throughout their paper on the stressors of the human condition relating to undesirable life events. Conger et al. (1993) wanted to explain and understand how a married couple reacts, based on gender, to stressors from all aspects of daily life. Throughout their research, Conger et al. strived to have the best sample sizes and distributions within the study. Conger et al. helped reduce outliers by paying close attention to the way the experiment was ran. There are still many ways that this experiment could have been improved. The experiment conducted by Conger et al. was initially conducted during 1989 through an interview process. Conger et al. (1993) interviewed 451 White, married couples, who on average, were married 18 years. Through a mixed research method they compiled a large amount of data about how stressors effected each of the couples. Conger et al. (1993) assured “given the wide variability in socioeconomic status next described, that we interviewed a broad cross-section of eligible couples” that a precise look was taken into verifying a large sample pool. Using these methods, Conger et al. applied a quantitative research method and gathered data to use

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