An Unmanned Aircraft System ( Uas )

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On Saturdays in the fall, more than 50,000 people pack themselves into Bill Snyder Family Stadium to watch the Kansas State University Wildcats play football. More fans occupy the parking lot surrounding the stadium, and even more can be found in satellite parking lots farther from the stadium (K-State Athletics). Game day at K-State is busy for local law enforcement members. Police must remain on high alert for any kind of suspicious activity in order to keep the public safe. With so many people in such a large area, it can become difficult to for officers monitor everything. One possible answer to the human problem of not being able to be everywhere at once includes an inhuman object. An unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or a “drone”…show more content…
From 20,000 feet, ARGUS can magnify something as tiny as six inches on the ground. It has the potential to recognize faces and record license plates. Memory space is no issue, as ARGUS has the ability to record up to 5,000 hours of footage (Koerner 2015). This type of drone surveillance would capture a drug dealer making a sale to some tailgaters, locate the parking stall where a man needs medical attention after indulging in too many jalapeno poppers or track a pickpocket through a crowd. As far as crowd surveillance goes, the use of drones appears to be a no-brainer. But this type of surveillance can also be a gateway into privacy-concerns. According to Black (2013), today’s rapidly changing drone technology carries the potential to violate the privacy rights of an individual. Numerous drones also carry the potential to “threaten privacy in society as a whole.” (Black 2013). Moving beyond crowd surveillance, drones are raising a lot of questions in reference to the Fourth Amendment that protects citizens and their houses, papers and effects from unreasonable searches and seizures (U.S. Const. amend IV). As drones have the potential to become important tools in police investigations, there are many situations presented that fall outside of the Fourth Amendment’s regulation but fit in well enough to raise it as an issue (Koerner 2015). The concern centers on everything even a simple drone is capable of. The Parrot AR 2.0 come equipped with a camera capable of
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