Analysing of Two Textbooks Essay

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A further useful point is made by Razmjoo and Kazempourfard (2012, pp 180-181), is the usefulness of a coding scheme for each area, which they utilised for conducting an evaluation of two books within their study. Thus, as each area within the books was considered, a code was assigned which identified the parameter within which the particular aspect of teaching could be positions. Thus, exercises or materials that focus on remembering within the four knowledge areas are respectively assigned A1, A2, A3 and A4. The exercises that focus on understanding within the four knowledge areas would be assigned B1, B2, B3 and B4 etc.
Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013, p. 42) suggest that textbooks have come to be seen as extremely important in the teaching …show more content…

Whether a teacher is on one side of this argument or not, the likelihood is that a text book will be necessary and therefore the evaluation of any that may be used will be important. This importance swells considerably if the teacher believes that text books should be central to any course. For this reason, Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013, p. 44) contend that a textbook evaluation is a key task that should be undertaken by teachers but the question that is posed is what the best approach to evaluation is? They note the two stage model proposed by McDonough (2003), as has been discussed within this paper as well as the notion of coding in order that the evaluation is appropriately systematic. Indeed, Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013) add to this the notion of a checklist so that aspects within all areas of the book are adequately evaluated.
Keshta and Seif (2013) discuss the existing literature with regard to course material evaluation and decide that a qualitative approach is the most likely to elicit the most accurate results. In order to achieve their goals, they first develop an analysis card which sets a criteria, or subjective opinion, of the material being considered and ask 16 teachers to give their opinion on this material as compared to the yardstick produced. In order to provide some validity to their yardstick, the content analysis

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