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C.J. Mahaney, born in Takoma Park, Maryland is an American Christian author and is also a Pastor. Mahaney is the Senior Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church, which is located in Louisville Kentucky. Mahaney, born into a Roman Catholic household was brought to salvation by a friend at the age of eighteen. He has been involved in ministry since 1977 and published his first book in 1994. Mahoney and his wife, Carolyn, have four kids and currently reside in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Summary of Content
In the introduction Mahaney prepares the reader about how intense this book is going to be. He explains how the cross is our everything. He tells us that we shouldn’t be looking for different ways or methods to get close to God but instead put all our focus on the gospel. He talks about three main tendencies that tend to draw us away from God. Those tendencies are Subjectivism, Legalism and Condemnation. Mahaney explains the power of the cross and how It should be of the highest praise and appreciation.
The first chapter Mahaney already starts to get deep. He gives an example of Timothy getting a letter from Paul and how Timothy is so eager to find out what new truth Paul has to offer but instead of a new truth Paul talks about the only truth, which is the cross of Jesus Christ. In the same way all Christians should stop seeking new and deeper truth and spend all their time on the cross, the one true truth. Mahaney talks a little about sin, saying that one can never forget about the…
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