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Care is more than the treatment of physical aspects of the patient, it also encompasses their mental and social wellbeing (WHO 1946). To provide this approach healthcare professionals work together to deliver high quality and safe care, developed from evidence based practice. The NHS Confederation (2010) identified a link between high quality care and increased patient outcomes. Standards of care, conduct, and performance and ethics are set by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). Governing healthcare professions with standards of professional and public expectations of behaviour (HCPC 2012a). Healthcare professionals are duty bound to self-analyse and evaluate current practice through continuous professional development, thus …show more content…

These potentially infectious items need to be dealt with as soon as possible to reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection (HSE 2011). Standard precautions and principles must be adhered to, not only to protect the patient but also to protect members of the team who care for them. In the clinical diary there was a blood spill, which occurred when the patient pulled the Venflon out while taking off her dressing gown. This was cleaned up by a healthcare professional and a student. Standard precautions were not adhered to due to not wearing gloves which is vital for safe practice (AFPP 2011). It is also best practice for the student (HCPC 2012c). Mentors have a legal and professional duty to students, who should be guided and taught key issues in infection control principles whilst supervised (HCPC 2012b). Gloves, goggles, masks and gowns are minimum recommended requirements of PPE in any clinical environment where contact with blood or bodily fluid is likely (HSE 2011). Although wearing gloves does not prevent injury. It minimises exposure and cross contamination, reducing the risk of infection (AFPP 2011). The healthcare professional in the diary decided not to wear gloves because they catch on her rings and tear. This suggests that the rings have jagged edges or stones, which potentially could cause injury to the patient and also pose as an infection risk. Professional guidelines also dictate that staff should be bare below the

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