Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock 's Rear Window

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Overall throughout the course of the class we have read, watched, and analyzed many different films. From the way the characters speak, act, and even their personalities have impacted their roles in the films. As well as scrutinizing films to find out the main points in which the movie/film is rather underlined through messaging or subliminals. Along with discovering the exact movements throughout the films from camera angles, settings, non- diegetic and diegetic sounds, along with cinematography. While watched films from so many different views to help relate with real life situations in a social and technical way, we have been able to pinpoint aspect of film studies that the average individual wouldn 't have a clue about. Each film that …show more content…

The techniques the Lee and Hitchcock uses are different in ways of which, Lee uses the camera at different angles, depths, and zooms to add subtle messages into his films. In the film “Do Things The Right Way,” shows a more understable scene where buggin out approaches and confronts a man for stepping on his shoes. After a brief altercation between the two. The white man vacates the scene to go back into his home. While the most recent shot was the black male outside of the white man 's residents. The angles flip to show the viewer the black man was there for nothing but trouble. With these camera angles you can notice the shots and angles of the ongoing situation without sound or presence of the actual scene. Although a different type of camerawork is used in the film “Rear Window.” Rear Window is a movie that provides tons of voyeurism. Voyeurism is the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts, especially secretively. In this movie voyeurism isn’t actually sexual, so make sure you point that out. Its seen as entertainment pleasure, not sexual pleasure. It 's a movie about cinema itself. Hitchcock, tries to take the viewers into a place of their own responses. Although there is sound, including diegetic and nondiegetic sound. Hitchcock tries to make the viewer feel and understand what 's going on throughout the movie. The opening scene jumps right into the characters and an opening wide view shot of the

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