Analysis Of Consultancy Project Course Module

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Introduction “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience”. (John Dewey, 1939). Reflection is a powerful mechanism to turn one’s own experience into learning. Reflection will be useful to make self-improvement and to attain self-empowerment in the future. In Consultancy Project course module, not only did I get the opportunity to work for a project in a real business but also learned to reflect critically on my experience and knowledge I gained from class activities and the project. Although, I went through many challenging moments from the project start-up onwards which made it seem like an endless journey, but many if not most, of these challenges has ameliorated my skills in consulting. Unlike, some of my …show more content…

In my reflective essay, I am going to use Borton’s (1970) Model of Reflection. I choose this module to reflect due to the fact that it is simple yet pragmatic. It helps me to reflect using only three questions: What happened? So what did I learn? and Now what should I do in the future? (Jasper,2003). There are three main reflections in this essay. For each reflection, I will first describe the situation, my feelings and what my team mates and I did in the situation. I will then analyse each situation in order to learn from the experience. Finally, I will talk about my future action plan based on the analysis of my experience. In the first group meeting, during which we had a brainstorming session to generate advertising ideas for Girlguiding North West England’s volunteer recruitment campaign, I was really hesitant to speak out my ideas to my teammates because I didn’t know them very well as most of them were from different courses. I was too quiet and didn’t contribute much unlike some of my colleagues who did a lot of talking. At the same time, I was also worried about what my team members would think of me for being the quietest one in the group. Furthermore, people around me also used to tell that I am so shy and anti-social. In those moments, I asked myself, “Why do people say so when I am really not ?”, and deep

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