Analysis Of Disney 's ' It 's A Small World ' Ride Perfectly Exemplifies The Ideal Of Globalization Essay

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Disney’s “It’s A Small World” ride perfectly exemplifies the ideal of globalization that The Walt Disney Company portrays on its website: a peaceful, hopeful, interconnected world filled with people whose everyday experiences are enriched by their interactions with those from cultures and countries beyond their own. “While “it’s a small world” is a common theme in discussions of globalization, it also represents a core philosophy of the Walt Disney Company in its quest to constantly expand the Disney universe” (Wasko 63). In working to make the world smaller and expand its influence globally, The Walt Disney Company has employed practices common of many transnational corporations. Over the course of this paper, I will examine how Disney has employed aspects of globalization since its founding in 1923 to effectively solidify its existence as a household name. For the purpose of this paper, I will split Disney’s entities into three categories: retail production, media, and theme parks, and I will examine these categories in order to determine where, when, why, and how Disney globalized. Ultimately, I will argue that Disney’s unique combination of globalization tactics in its search for both new markets and sourcing efficiency has solidified its status as an integral and monopolizing aspect of our global culture.

When and Where Disney Globalized
The Walt Disney Company began in a small building in Los Angeles in 1923 and has been expanding globally into over 100 countries

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