Analysis Of Pete 's Plumbing Warehouse

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Introduction In Pete’s Plumbing Warehouse within designing the training needs of a group of twenty employees identifies; a two- day training program in proposing that outlines the total costs, the learning objectives, the methods to use, and a detailed agenda of the training session (Blanchard et al., 2013). Identify two to three (2-3) training needs though a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and justify an approach for this training. In Pete 's Plumbing Warehouse the training needs analysis an important part of a good design training program in a process to enhance the training and development needs of employees to carry out their jobs efficiently and continuing in the growth and development in their careers. In the training needs analysis is …show more content…

Another in the evaluation was participating in team build up exercises in the construction of a stronger working relationship between the supervisors and employees and not to assume training and development are only needed when there 's something new to learn. In the training and development, the links between organizational events are the focusing in improving the effectiveness business through plan changes and paying attention to both short and long-term goals to delivering the strategies accurately (Blanchard et al., 2013). The importance to determine the approach to take and address an issue for the plumbing supply is a reactive approach in providing immediate solutions to solve the current problems into the performance gaps (Blanchard et al., 2013). Develop the training objective for this program based on an analysis of the business. In training, an objective is to understanding what the trainees will be required to do by demonstrating that the employees learn through the knowledge, skills, and attitude (McKay., 2013). The desired outcome is to be clear and concise on the specifics on the type of behavior, and the condition is when and where the action expects to occur and the tools to use, then standards of describing the criteria for judging on the adequacy of the behavior (McKay., 2013). In Pete’s Plumbing Warehouse in completing the training, objectives are to

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