Analysis Of Rabbit Proof Fence

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Rabbit Proof Fence is based on a true story about three aboriginal girls who are forcibly abducted from their home and taken to an institution for mixed-race children. They are educated and trained as domestic servants as part of an official Australian government policy. Children who were taken were taught to reject their Indigenous heritage, and forced to adopt white culture. Their names were changed, and they were forbidden to speak their traditional languages. The three children escape and make a 1500mile journey home on foot, while following the rabbit-proof fence that bisects Australian. Included in the film are the vast and open outback landscapes which signifies the freedom of aboriginals land and how they belong to it as the are physically and emotionally affected when they are taken away from it. The rabbit fence was built to keep the Aboriginals in one place therefore symbolising the division between the Aboriginals and the Europeans. Also a representation of a map, as it is a symbol of home for the girls and provides a way in order for them to get home (by following the fence). The eagle guides the girls home, they believed that it was the spirt of the wind. There is a clear that the link aboriginals have to the land is spiritual. The clothing the aboriginals wore was dirty, while the white people had fancy, clean clothes. The presentation Mr Neville makes to the women explains why his intentions are educated and rational. The film deliberately underplayed how

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