Analysis Of ' Seven Days, By Tim Thomas

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“In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine”. This quote begins the journey of a guilt-ridden man, who sets out to change the lives of seven strangers, whom deserve a second chance. Tim Thomas (Will Smith), main character in the 2008 movie “Seven Pounds”. Tim crosses the line with what is ethical and unethical, as he tries to redeem himself of a tragic incident involving the loss of seven lives. In his search for redemption, one of them captures his heart (Rosario Dawson), which causes him to reveal his secret, which alters his plan. Seven Pounds is a philosophical movie by using business ethics as a viewpoint. “Seven Pounds” does not illustrate the difference between good and evil. This movie’s theme is to show an individuals purpose on earth. Instead of trying to pinpoint right from wrong, good against evil, the movie shows the trials and tribulations of Tim Thomas’s life. “Seven Pounds” is able to convey this with the usage of business ethics. Business ethics is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that looks at ethical principles and moral problems that happen in a business environment. The movie uses rare situations that occur through moral and ethical situations that disobey common laws and rules that are in charge of society. Tim Thomas searches for seven strangers that have the rarest of circumstances. The film bases itself on the uncertainty of these situations.
There are a number of events where business ethics are

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