Analysis Of 'SignificanceWill Make You Reevaluate Your Place In The World'

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"Significance" Will Make You Reevaluate Your Place in the World
Ebony Bellamy
We're constantly reading about NASA's recent discoveries. But, has there ever been a discovery they neglected to tell the public about? Significance explores this idea as it follows the events of a recent scientific discovery that could have irreversible effects on the planet.

When stars appear in the night sky, we are seeing them in a past state. But, there are times when their past selves can directly affect Earth. When stars explode, which is known as a supernova, they send debris like radiation into space. This debris could have catastrophic results if it was headed toward Earth.

This is precisely what happens in Significance. This science-fiction thriller …show more content…

The something he was talking about was a scientific discovery. He has been searching for this for a long time. Now that he has found it, he refuses to believe it's not important. Even when he learns other people know about the supernova, he knows he is just as vital to the discovery. Miles' search for validation is something we have all experienced. How many times have we become consumed with something to prove we are smart, talented or worth something to someone else? We are always looking for approval from other people to validate our self-worth. But, sometimes it takes unplanned events to show us our significance in the world.
Miles yearns for Miller's approval despite Miller's condescending behavior toward him. Having someone question your intelligence and ability to succeed repeatedly can destroy someone's confidence. But, this helped Miles to never give up on his goal. When Miller is first introduced, he leaves a nasty taste in viewers' mouths. Between his attitude and need to remind Miles how inferior he is, Miller is the type of professor you wish you never have. Then, when the audience finds out he knew about the supernova and the harm it could cause to mankind this makes them resent him even more. It also makes them question while Miles is so desperate for Miller's approval. But, when he reveals why he never discussed his findings with anyone else the audience is able to see his softer side. Without enough

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