Analysis Of The Book ' Steve Jobs ' By Walter Isaacson

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A book review of “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson Walter Isaascon’s account of Steve Jobs in some way is a product developed from the mind of its subject. Even though Steve Jobs was categorical that he would not interfere with the creation of book, he handpicked Walter Isaacson to pen his legacy for all. The fact that he settled for Isaacson does not come as a surprise. While it may be agreed that great men are always not nice men, it can be excused if they are geniuses. Isaacson started his examination of rare intellects in 1986 when he co-authored “The Wise Men’, a group of people who rebuilt the world after World War 2. Additionally, his biographies of Alber Einstein and Franklin are engrossing, readable and epic studies of men who changed the world. One wonders whether all these efforts served as warm-up exercises for Walter Isaacson prior to tackling not just the unsavory life of Steve Jobs but also his place in the economic and industrial phenomenon of the era of computer technology and its many applications. The fact that Jobs perceived himself in this light is neither unjustified nor shocking. Whereas Isaacson does not shy away from Jobs’ vitriolic temper, it is evident that in some respects,“ Steve Jobs”is a biography told through the discussed “reality distortion” view of Steve Jobs himself(Leith). Even though other views are presented, Steve Jobs always has the last, candid word. It appears that Steve Jobs was not a lively man. Abandoned by his mother, he would,

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