Analysis Of The Film Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

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In the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, the audience is taken on a journey around Jiro’s personal life and is introduced to everyone that makes him the successful man he is. When you first see these like-minded individuals, you believe that these men have a perfect life’s, but throughout the movie I found information that led me to understand that things are not always as they seem. In traditional Japanese culture, professional success is often valued over personal life.
Jiro is treated much like a celebrity in the Sushi World. His restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars which is a very high honor in Japanese cuisine. More impressively Jiro has been mastering the craft for 70 years. Yes, all of that does set someone up to a higher standard, but when you realize that he only does about five percent of the total work, things just do not seem to add up.
Jiro would not be anywhere without his restaurant staff. Jiro is dependent on not only his personal workers, but also the fish markets his workers attend for him. Fish markets have eel dealers, shrimp people and octopus men all wanting to go after their dreams. In the fish market Jiro’s son talks to a fish man about how he grew up wanting to be something greater and better. He talks about racecar driving and his need for speed as if he would quit the seafood business right away. He sounded as if he could leave a business he’s worked his whole life on for just a chance at something else. Why would an able-bodied man put

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