Analysis Of The Film 'Osama'

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The film “Osama” is a powerful film, which focuses on the horrific life women in Afghanistan have to go through. The film provides an inside look of how terrible women and young girls are treated by the Taliban, the grueling living conditions and lack of food, and the training young boys are taught by the Taliban. The film showed a massive group of widows who are protesting in order to be allowed to work in order to provide their family with food. Instantly the Taliban hose the women down and begin shooting, creating a fear of being caught amongst the women. The grueling film focuses on a young girl who is forced to transition her look into a boy in order to provide food for her mother, grandmother, and herself. The girl then becomes recruited by the Taliban, along with the other young boys in the village. Horrified the young girl tries her best to act as a boy, but unfortunately she is discovered by the Taliban of being a girl. She then is condemned to death for this felony. In her case, she is given the punishment of marrying an old Muslim man. Furthermore, the young girl is forced to be locked up…show more content…
Tita is subjected from marring and is solemnly useful for any house chores and cooking. In comparison, just as the young girl in “Osama” has her childhood taken from her, Tita has her rights of what she wants to do with her life taken. Even though the discrimination is shown differently, women are forced to stay in certain boundaries to prevent conflict and superiority to men. The film accurately shows an example of realistic women discrimination in a way that emotionally hits people. The film also provides the insight of other countries problems which need higher priority. In contrast, from other films meant for excitement and joy, “Osama” provides an experience that can change the way you think about women issues and world
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